A short game about negative space, greed and terrible migraines.

Made for Bitsy Archaeology jam https://itch.io/jam/archaeology-bitsy

Music : The Dog Bonfires

Made withBitsy
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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This is really good, the atmosphere is fantastic


this is so good!!!!! i really love how the maze looks and the very painful last few mazes are so great!!! like not great that it took a while for my eyes to adjust and i think the very last one was starting to give me a headache but like its super good for the narrative/mood/etc of the game!! plus a really cool way of doing it!! oh man and the scrolling was really good! i really REALLY enjoyed this game!!!


Thanks! I'll probably avoid replicating any of the maze effects in future, was even worse trying to work on it! Glad you enjoyed it :)

oh yeah it prob felt terrible to just stare and stare at the tiles as you made the mazes ha ha but it really is a very good game :)


This is really stylish, well done! That scrolling scene must have taken forever

Thank you! Yeah, the scrolling took way longer than I'd anticipated...